D'Arti L'artista Almada - Lisboa

"You can find meaning in the text 'no real than you are' by asking yourself: "Is your presence in this life as real as I am in yours?

D'Arti's passion for metal crafting started in his early teenage years. D'Arti studied mechanical engineering and started making pieces of art, often from broken machine parts, and metal from the local scrap yard. By traditional, artisanal way bolted, welded or riveted together into an art of assemblage. All of D'Arti's works are hand crafted and dimensions and positions are determined by the eye, very often out of a design from one of his dreams.

D'Arti claims that in this way his art preserves his soul.. 

A part of the earnings of every artwork, is donated to a charity fund, that is organizing several free trips anually, for children with cancer, to, for a moment, make them forget their daily struggles, ( www.skov.org


Always had and still has a great amount of imagination and drive, overthinking and even dreaming about everything, he started already as a child his self-taught art craftmanship. Once applied to the Gerrit Rietveld Academy but ran away from it because of, in his opinion, a huge creativity killing, like "a can of students force fed into a meatgrinder" style teaching methods, wherefore he wasn't  the "malleable" type of person.

Awards & Nominations:

Winner of the San Junipero Art fair in 2029